Monday, September 27, 2010

The Abbey Museum- Brisbane

Site of the Week • The Abbey Museum

Of Art and Archaeology 

Treat your kids to a rare opportunity but also educational experience at the Abbey Museum...
Made famous by their hugely popular Annual Medieval Festival, The Abbey Museum still remain relatively unknown by many Brisbane parents. It is a museum of art and antiques featuring displays from Western Europe, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese and other places in history. The museum also has a variety of holiday programs and a weekly Toddler Art program on a Tuesday which is featured on our Calendar.  
It is situated on the way to Bribie Island, so needless to say it could form part of a road trip to the beach. For further information head to their Website you will also find them by turning off Bribie Island Rd into Old Toorbul Point Rd. There is a small cost involved so head to their website first.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Monkey Bum Banana Heads and Jam Sandwiches

The banana head kids blog begins

So- Why a blog? - Who am I? and Whats going to be in it?- and Why would you read it anyway? 

Ok- so...
I am a normalish mum, doing a Graduate Diploma of Early Education and learning the coolest kids activities and ideas to do with kids. Also as part of my website, I go to all sorts of cool places and find out all these awesome online shopping destinations and the most AMAZING kids products. So I thought a blog would be a great place to share it.

So my blog will have 

  • Some Art projects
  • A bit of Science- including crazy experiments
  • A bit of helpful learning stuff, like literacy activities
  • Some cool online shopping for kids and parents
  • Some amazing kids and parent products
and some random craziness.

So who am I? I am Ngaire Stirling- Creative Director of and I exist there as part of a team of creative and equally crazy people dedicated to bringing Big Ideas to Brisbane and Gold Coast Kids.
I am also bookkeeper to our family business, Stirling Building Creations, AND as mentioned I am studying teaching little kiddlies. I also have 2 boys under 4 and am looking forward to more! Life is full and fun. 

So why 'banana head kids?' ...Creating a name is alot harder than you imagine- firstly, all reasonable names are taken. So... 

Why Banana Head Kids??? Well thats what I call my kids when they are a little crazy and cheeky- I tell them to stop being a "Monkey Bum Banana Head". It got me thinking to all the other crazy words and sayings mums use, as a way to lighten life and take the serious out of motherhood.

 My Tom and I

Other ones I like include: In response to "What are we having for Dinner"

pickled budgie bums on toast and cow poop sandwiches
Are you being a crazy monkey man
do you need a jam sandwich to make you happy??
Caw Caw Caw Caw (thats right like a bird)

anyway.. that explains the name.. and perhaps how crazy being a mother make you..But this is what I was thinking at 2am when I titled it, and this blog explains.. what this blog will offer you.

Love and Light x


Maggie J Designs- Gorgeous Handmade Toys

Site of the Week 30th AugustMaggiej Designs

This site of the week has been chosen for its beautiful design, originality and pricing. A local Brisbane business mum and dad team, not only do they do these colourful creations but they also do digital work, like invitations. We ran out of room, so we encourage you to head over to their Facebook business page. Every monster and owl comes with a clear personality, these would make the perfect baby shower gift, or a gift for the hospital room visit, or maybe just because you want one! Click on any of the pictures to head to their page.

AromaPlay Clay- PlayDough- with Essential Oils

What isn’t to love about Squiggle Mum?
One of Australia’s most famous mum bloggers and winner of top Mumpreneur Award.
This amazing blog is the ramblings, thoughts, activities and wisdom of  Mum of 2, Cath- better known as Squiggle Mum.  
So what can you expect from her blog
·         Indoor and Outdoor Activity suggestions (check out the oudoor kitchen)
·         Faith- Hope, universal wisdom and truth..  
·         Kids- Babies, Boys, Girls and Toddlers (fun and ramblings- like the barbie debate)
·         Literacy- Lots of tips, examples and reflections
·         Mums- Nice over a cup of coffee
·         Opportunities to win things- who doesn’t like giveaways
At Brisbanekids- we love blogs.. and this is no exception. So take some time and head on over to her blog by clicking HERE.

Mumma Rocks Baby Safe Jewellery

Mumma Rocks Baby Safe Jewellery

Have you ever wondered what to buy when someone you know has a baby?
Then look no further than the stunning jewellery at Mumma Rocks baby safe jewellery. 
Or maybe you want a necklace that doesnt get ripped off by your baby or toddler everytime you wear it. 
This is what you will find on their website which you can go to by clicking here
·         Nursing Necklaces
·         Baltic Amber
·         Fertility Jewellery
·         Healing Gemstones

Adorable Kids- Tagged Blankets without Loops

Site of the Week 12th July 2010
Adorable Kidz
Adorable Kidz- does exactly that- it sells the most adorable accessories for kidz. These are handmade products, without the handmade pricetag.
They specialise in tagged products, that are double tagged without the loops. They also sell the most amazing bibs, crayon rolls and binkie sets. Awesome prints, fabulous colours and amazing quality.
Rebecca, an Ausmumpreneur awards nominee, living in Brisbane> this is the type of lady and store that brisbanekids loves to support. Find her at or find her on facebook- join her page and keep up to date with new products and specials- and let her know you were sent by Brisbanekids.

Unique Plaques for Kids

Site of the Week 5/7/2010                                                                                                                                                                                          Unique Plaques by Claire
 Mum of 2, Claire from Brisbanes Northside creates the most beautiful handpainted and personalised items for your childs room. You can find her on facebook under - Unique plaques by Claire!  

Be a fun Mum- Blogger

       Be a Fun Mum
This week we encourage you to visit the site ≈be a fun mum where one mother combines her many passions with parenting.
Mum, Kelly has gone beyond the average blog to create a truly wonderful website reference for any mum or dad. She reminds us that parenting should be fun and full of imagination..which is just the way BrisbaneKids likes it. You can also find her on facebook here

The Toy Bug- Educational Toys

Site of the Week 2nd August 2010
The Toy Bug
The Toy Bug is an online toy shopping experience with a difference.
·         Educational Fun Toys
·         Wooden Toys
·         Sensory Toys
·         Puzzles
·         Pretend Play
·         Soft Toys  
·         Books
·         Rewards charts and More
·         Layby for 3 months
·         Free postage over $150
·         Free giftwrapping
·         UNBELIEVABLE prices.. dont take our work for it- go there and see for yourself- and let us know what u think!             
Mother and Owner Jo, has handpicked the best toys, with most chosen to assist with your child’s development.             

Rhyme Time-

This is a site we think you should be checking out ...
Site of the Week 24th July 2010

Rhyme time is a concept, a program, a blog and a facebook page that promotes creative literacy learning in children aged from 6months to 4 years.

Situated at the Sunshine Coast, they have extended their reach through the use of social media and a blogging page. We encourage you to go to or find them on facebook here.
·         Creative Ideas
·         Be part of the learning process
·         Educational
·         Entertaining
·         Healthy Eating
·         Manners
·         Maths Skills
Good old fashioned painting ideas

Small Prints Childrens Jewellery

Site of the Week 7th SeptemberSmallPrints

This site of the week has been chosen because we think everyone with kids will want one of these gorgeous keepsakes. Smallprint allows you to capture your childs fingerprint, art or their name and wear it with pride as a keyring, pendant, cufflinks or charm.
Created from fine silver which has been antiqued and then polished to a high shine, each piece is finished with quality stirling silver fittings. We have included some pictures so you can see for yourself, but we also encourage you to head to their website and then their local facebook page for all the details. or contact your local seller thru Facebook

Tumbling Tigers Party Hire

Site of the Week 7th SeptemberTumbling Tigers Party Hire
It is party season and what better site of the week to host than Tumbling Tiger Party Hire. This business is so exciting and so unique if you havent heard about them then its about time you did. There is NOTHING like them in the Brisbane market- if you want to host the best kids party ever then you need Tumbling Tiger Party Hire.
·         Designed for ages up to 5 yrs- entertain the littlies!!!
·         Fully mobile soft play equipment
·         Indoor Play or outdoor Fun
·         They set everything up and take it all away *bliss*
·         Available for kids parties, weddings, christenings, childcare centres and more!
·         Head to our facebook page for an exclusive special or contact them thru Facebook