Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crazy Lego Creations

The crazy world of lego- For Brisbane Kids and Well Beyond
Lego has come a LONG way from the days of bricks and slabs- even though I still think that’s the best way to start a Lego collection. As my boys get older my Lego interest is growing and this is what I have discovered- There is a whole CRAZY world of lego maniacs- Check this out
1.       You can furnish a real room or a house with lego

Source thru: aplaceforeverything-store
Or perhaps you would prefer a Kitchen Bench

Designers Simon Pillard and Phillippe Rosetti

2.       Serious Lego Art- for Serious Money
By Nathan Sawaya

Andrew Lipson

3. Hilarious Lego Creations

4. Or check out the winner of the 2007  Lego Building Competition

Awesome Lego Imagination

5.       Videos about tons of stuff, acted out by lego men- Here is one on starwars and christmas- pg rated- darth vader gets a bit crazy

Seriously I could have gone on forever, clothing, wii controls, cakes, games basically a whole entire universe of lego men are out there-- STILL my favourites will always be the green slab, a few bricks, a roof, some flowers and some shutters :)-

Have a great week

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(Just note that the blog here written is not endorsed or supported by lego BUT that all the images within do contain the trademarked lego products and all distribution and promotion is only possible through genuine Lego fields. We have done our best to attribute all creative ownership but in know way suggest that the lego itself is anything but the property of lego)


Capricious said...

Oh I looooove Lego. we have lego salt and pepper shakers- maybe it time we got a kitchen bench to go with them? Hehe, great post N :)

sirajc said...

Wow Cool creations. I also love to spent time in LEgo creations. Check it out at my blog
Siraj's Lego Creation

sapna uppadhya said...

Very nice post.....

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