Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rumbletums Organic Baby and Toddler Food in Brisbane

Rumbletums Organic Baby & Toddler Food


Scrumptious organic baby food- in Brisbane- hard to believe!! Well it is true.. and we have personally sampled their food and give it 2 big thumbs up, for taste, packaging and goodness.
Cooked by hand, from scratch, using only the best, freshest organic ingredients, then snap frozen. With a 12 month shelf life – freeze until you need! Some examples of their meals include Organic Moroccan lamb and quinoa, Organic beef and potato as well as straight purees for the younger babies of the world. In addition they offer snack foods like yoghurt covered sultanas, organic dried banana and they even offer a base sauce- their famous Hush Hush tomato sauce. Mix the sauce with pastas, rice, or use it to form a base of a meal- it is delicious!!
It is simply about convenience without any sacrifice on quality. For many two parent working families this is the solution you may have been searching for. For stay at home mums, this could be the sanity you are after- a night off. They deliver to your door and also feature at many markets throughout Brisbane, including this weekends Mummy tree Markets at Morningside on Sunday. 


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Geckos Family Entertainment Centre- Browns Plains

Geckos Family Entertainment Centre at Browns Plains is an activity hub like no other. We thought it best to review it on our blog so that you can truly understand all they have to offer.

  • 3 Storey Themed play structure
  • A play structure that encourages parent participation
  • A toddler area with Slide

  • A lasertronics play area
  • Use strategy to weave around the laser beams
  • Played in a fully themed area with fog and music

  • Balltronics
  • Similar to lasertronics but you need to avoid the foam balls that come rocketing out from various directions

  • Lasertag Area
  • Chase and be chased with laser guns

  • Black light Mini Golf
  • 2 nine hole themed mini golf courses- black lit for mood

Entry prices include access to the play structure, and you can buy a games card to try out all the other cool games on offer. They also offer a ‘shop and drop’ service where, for a fee you can drop off your kids for up to 2hrs (need to be toilet trained) and have them babysat by a blue carded staff member.  They also have really affordable party packages- no mess, no fuss and heaps of fun.

So – that’s the logistics and you can see why we decided to review it in addition to advertising them on our website brisbane kids- but instead of giving you our opinion we thought we would relay the review of one very happy customer

Wow what a morning we have just had.  I just wanted to congratulate you on
this wonderful play center.   My children had soooo much fun and are asking
when we can go back.   Your center has the most amazing set up, there is
something there for everyone.   And to top off a great play area you have
the most caring staff I have come across.  My son hurt himself quite badly
and we were looked after so well and he felt so at ease with the lady that
came to give him first aid.   I will be recommending you to all my friends
as well as posting on Facebook about our wonderful time.    This is the best
presented, cleanest, best value for money and friendliest child focused
center I have ever come across.    I can't wait to book my sons 4th Birthday
party there.
Congratulations on a fantastic business.
Kind Regards
So there you go, dont take our word for it- go along and check it out- let them know we sent you- BrisbaneKids.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Confessions of a Fussy Eater

So I have a fussy eater. 
I often hear mums say that, but mostly I find kids just have likes and dislikes..
I think mine truly is a fussy eater.... I say it like a confession because I feel in society, our parenting is often judged by the food our kids eat, and mine eats virtually nothing. Master 3 is strong willed, super intelligent (according to his equally intelligent and modest mother) and stubborn to a point where bribery is something he does rather than something that is done to him.
Before I confess- know this- his little brother eats everything- and I am wholesome to a fault, veggies, wholegrains, free range, organic blah blah blah..(there.. I feel better now)
So here is his diet..
Sakatas- classic bbq only (sometimes kruskets)
Cheese, grated and kraft singles (to go on the sakatas)
Apple in a blue moon
Watermelon (to the extreme- will eat a qtr of a watermelon to himself easily in a sitting)
Hundreds and thousands
Meat ONLY when taken from a meatlovers dominos pizza. Now you might say- “well make healthy pizzas”- and we have tried, we have made them, gone to pizza capers, saved the box, even reheated.. BUT it would seem it needs to be dropped off fresh, in the box, with the whole fan fair that comes from the awesome take away pizza experience.
You might wonder why I include 100’s and 1000’s and it is simply because it is part of his every day diet. After several days of not eating anything, I made the mistake of bribing him with toast, vegemite and 100 and 1000’s and he ate it. So now I buy the no colour/flavor blah blah  version, add it to his vegemite on toast and that is his breakfast.

How we got here
Not really sure to be honest, one day he ate raw capsicum, the next he wouldn’t eat chicken. He went to daycare for a couple of days for about 3 months, and was never the same again- a cop out? Perhaps, but that is how it seemed to have happened. 
Is it his stubborn personality?
Is it the fact our kitchen table is often our work table with brisbanekids and our building business and sometimes we just don’t have time for dinner round the table? Master 1.5 seems just fine, so I come to think, it is just something that just happens to some kids.

What we have tried
  • Starvation- doesn’t work. Point blank, tried.. I hear you say ..really? really??? YES!! and I think because he will eat toast that becomes the deal breaker- so I buy bread fortified with everything
  • Try food 10x- we have done it with tons of different foods- he just grows more anxious every night
  • Just put a tiny miniscule piece of something on his plate every night- he simply ignores it or throws it off
  • Get him to kiss it- he will kiss it until the cows come home- infact he thinks kissing a piece of sausage is hilarious- he just won’t lick it or eat it.
  • Serve it on a stick- (this was in some random book, and no it didn’t work)
  • Take him to a psychologist- NO HELP- she did invite me back by myself though to confront my own inner child
  • Take him to a pediatrician- she was lovely- commended master 3 on his puzzle making ability and then suggested we make him eat milo, lots and lots of milo, for the iron. According to her- he will get over it.. 1 year on we have an appt in a couple of weeks for an update, and no he wont eat milo (BUT I can sneak an iron supplement into cordial)- and he loves ovaltenies
  • We started saying “you need food to grow big and strong like daddy’.. it has become a family mantra. BUT it has also resulted in master 3 asking me to stop feeding master 1.5 any food so he doesn’t grow big and strong like daddy
  • A dietician- she suggested everything above.

SO we are we are. Today he eats little, but he grows well, and has a mighty amount of energy and a good sized belly. I know his body will extract more than I believe is possible, even the tiny amount of protein from the horrible dominos meat pizza. I relish in the occasional apple, and should start growing watermelon.
The poor love has come to realise that he is missing out on something good, and has begin to talk about food and touch it and wonder perhaps what it might taste like. BUT, that is a long way from trying food.. or changing his ways. I look forward to the day when I make a hot dinner and he enjoys it, My approach now is to stress less and hope the stories are right- he will grow out of it J
Any tips/encouragement are well appreciated- best leave your judgement aside.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gardening for Kids


Gardening for Kids

♦For the little gardener in your BrisbaneKid♦

The perfect outdoor activity for Brisbane kids. Active work, in the sunshine, in the fresh air- Gardening! This clever WAHM has built a business around it- seed kits, worm farms, tools, wind sox- in colours to inspire any child. You dont need a lot of space, just a bit of time- this would make the perfect Christmas present for any Brisbane Kid.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Actual Non Spill Sippy Cup

Generally I steer away from baby product reviews unless I am a million percent sure that they are going to do what they say. So I when I say I have found a non drip kids cup, excuse me while I try not to flinch. BUT I HAVE!
I was at the fabulous Mummy Tree Markets at Morningside (who brisbanekids.com.au sponsor) when I came across “Stoked for life”. This particular stall were displaying some colourful looking drink flasks, nothing that I thought I needed. However, as I wandered past I heard the words uttered “100% spill proof”.. I stopped dead in my tracks, turned around suspiciously while thinking to myself ‘whatever!’
Why so Cynical?
I have two crazy boys, and trust me I have tried everything!- If they are non spill I generally find that they come with other flaws.
  1. The main flaw i find with the "non spill" claim is that kids have to suck so hard on the nozzle, that they end up biting the plastic off the nozzle and within three months the plastic is damaged and flaking off.
  2. My other criticism is that other non spill ones require a twisting action which makes it too easy for children to operate and flows too easily and ends up in the back seat of my car.
  3. Finally, I find that you often can’t tell by looking if many of the twist top ones are closed and I have lost a total of three mobiles to "non spill" sippy type cups that put you into a false sense of handbag security.
  4. They come with a lid. – Lets be honest- the lid concept is good, but once it comes off it spills-…so is that really non spill?
Taking the plunge
Against my better judgement I bought a stoked bottle that day- why? I am not really sure. I was generally excited about the markets that day, and not having kids with me, so I was a pretty easy target. I did however, refrain from buying more than one, with the ladies reassuring me that they would be at the next markets and that it’s only $3 postage on their website anyway. If you want to buy one online go here
The Verdict
Their site says they are age appropriate for 4+ but my three year old needed NO coaching what so ever. These aren’t likely for kids under 2, but I expect you could train one if you really wanted too. However, for kids that can push a button it works!! and I am in love!
  • They are 100% spill proof care of some AUTOSEAL® technology. They have a simple button to push and rather than sucking the child simply receives the drink into their mouth. I repeat.. no sucking required.
  • Better still, the second they take their finger off the nozzle the flask becomes non spill again.
  • I like the clear plastic option too, because I can see how much liquid is left, and a cordial ratio if that is what the drink is.
  • You can also buy bigger ones which is what I am going to do, so when you go on picnics you can deliver a non spill experience to lots of kids at once. They also sell insulated mugs.. so everything is covered.
  • Best of all the one I bought which held 410ml was only $12.95. Way cheaper than I would have expected, cheaper than many department store type offerings and is really quite sad considering what I have spent so far. They are all bpa, pva blah blah free, ergonomic, dishwasher proof  blah blah FANTASTIC!
Take my word for it or not (I totally understand if you dont- nor would I), but if you want a non spill option, this could be the answer.

I am still searching for a non spill solution for kids under 2 (who don’t like sucking)- let us know so we can buy, try and share, because too many mobiles, wallets and bags are ruined.. well in my life anyway.


(The next Mummy Tree Markets are on November 28th at Morningside)  

Monday, November 8, 2010

My Little Hero Designs

For the superhero in every BrisbaneKid

Once again, we have found a WAHM (Work at Home Mum) who has managed to create something that has the potential to uncover imagination and wonder in every Brisbane Kid.
Encouraging play that involves make-believe is essential in helping to raise curious, healthy and happy little people. My Little Hero Designs comes to the rescue with Capes, masks and arm bands, so that every BrisbaneKid can be a superhero. All capes are fully reversible and made using satin and eco-felt.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Top 50 Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids- as written by a Christmas fanatic

Ok- so if you know me- you know I am a Christmas fantatic, it seems to get a little worse every year. I love it I Love it I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!! And I do tend to get a little over excited > So much so I pledge to limit my Christmas craziness to just the month of December- but I see no harm in a little Christmas List to get the XMAS hearts a-racing

Top 50 kids presents for Christmas (in my eyes)- guaranteed not to be OVER with tomorrow- I have tried not to be too plastic and cater for every age. Now I know its early and I will repost closer to XMAS but I am a firm believer that planning early for the big day is the best way to make it the BEST DAY OF ALL!!
1.       A tent or a teepee (sorry very partial to teepees)- but a $20 tent from Kmart will work just as well it just may not look as lovely
2.       An easel or simply a $10 roll of paper from IKEA with some paints and textas
3.       DUPLO- great for multi age families as you avoid the choking hazard- and if you can go to a discount outlet you get them SO much cheaper-
4.       Puzzles, lots and lots of puzzles. Again discount places are best for this.
5.       Tennis Ball on a stick- about $20- and hours of fun- plus they often come with a soccer ball attached to a string so that you fix it to a branch on a tree
6.       A jumping castle.. and you are thinking WHAT?? But according to a friend you can get them off ebay from as little as $150- which is a lot- but if all the relatives put it, it might save the purchase of lots of “plasticky” toys that are played with once and discarded tomorrow. I guarantee there will be hours of fun- it wont last forever but atleast til they are over it—which leads me to the next option which is a trampoline- lots of fun and will last forever. BUT kids can get sick of trampolines.
7.       A microscope/telescope/binoculars- depends on the age as to which will work better but what kid doesn’t like to look at a beetle in 100x or see the rings of Saturn.
8.       Musical instruments- they don’t have to be expensive- a cheap keyboard, a recorder or xylophone- music makes the soul sing and studies show it may make your bubba smarter 
9.       “Star” night light- I got one of these off ebay for about $20- is rotates and stars shine brightly and orbit over the childrens’ celing. 
10.   Ribbon Wands- need I say more- hours of fun in the backyard (check our pinwheels and pearls for a range of ribbon wands for boys and girls)
11.   Books, more books and more books. Pick them to suit the kid and they will LOVE it. Dinosaurs, fairies whatever.
12.   Playdough- sure you can make it yourself- and package it prettily or buy it from the shops- There is even gluten free and essential oil infused playdough you can get from Aromaplay

13.   Cooking gear- even before masterchef came around this was a cool gift. An apron, some cookie cutters and some outrageous sprinkle varieties and you are onto a winner
14.   A doll house- and they needn’t be expensive- chk the classified for second hand ones
15.   Corn popper- trust me- despite the plastic appearance the classic corn popper will go the distance
16.   Blocks- you can never have to many, too many different sizes, colours or shapes
17.   Monopoly, Chess, snakes and ladders, cluedo, twister, snap cards etc etc- buy the classics- one a year and by the time they can really compete you will have a collection
18.   A kite- so underrated, but this is a great toy for hours of free fun in the outdoors
19.   Skates- at your own risk BUT awesome if you have a skating rink nearby
20.   Dress up clothes, nothing specific, but a tub of plastic beads, some cheap wigs and capes- stear clear of the superheroes- they date quickly 
21.   Balls, Lots of Balls, especially massive Yoga sized ones
22.   A Slinky- hilarious
23.   Monkey Barrels- plastic! BUT classically awesome- hours of fun
24.   Yo-yo great for 6+ kids
25.   Ceiling glow in the dark stars- I hear you cringing- but honestly it’s a ceiling,… it can be repainted..
26.   A Zoobie- if you don’t know what one is WHERE have you been!! They are a bit more common now- BUT its basically a stuffed animal with a blanket attached- which doesn’t sound glamorous- BUT when you see the ELEPHANT one u just melt- good for a bubba!
27.   Marbles.. ah a boy and his marbles
28.   AN abacus- great for bubba turned toddlers
29.   Magna Doodle- great for the car- and no mess
30.   Water paints- this is an extension from No 2- BUT water colour paints deserve their own spot- little mess and great results
31.   Walkie Talkies
32.   A toolset- plastic and then real for the older child- Bunnings does a great range of real tools for kids
33.   YardGames- go to their website- you will be glad you found them- the coolest games- in MASSIVE sizes that you can play in your backyard
34.   A blow up swimming pool (ok not the coolest present to get, but still will provide hours of fun- even if you have a full size pool)
35.   Model trains- I know expensive huh? But if you look online or in the classified there are always ones second hand for sale
36.   A tutu- because I honestly believe every little girl needs a tutu (I don’t have girls)
37.   A skipping rope- buy a little one- but buy a big one too so when they have friends over they can all play
38.   This is for the older child- and don’t hate me- but a good friend of mine suggested to me that her 9 yr old would want most in the world is cash. $10 or $20. Just so she can go into a store of her choice and buy what she wants- don’t underestimate it. (I personally prefer the gift- but maybe you could buy a pretty purse or wallet to go with it)
39.   An obvious one- but a bike, scooter or skateboard- chances are you don’t have one of them,… - this could be an easy crowd pleaser
40.   Fishing Gear- kmart/target etc all sell great kid versions
41.   Magnetic Fishing Game- there are heaps of these everywhere- Great for motor control and FUN
42.   A tunnel because tunnels are cool- my son even sleep in his (when I let him)
43.   For older kids Any science set
44.   For older kids again model making- painting sets- check out this cool 'find the fossil' model set and the smile it brings to a 3 yr old
45.   Personalised gifts- books, cups anything with their name
46.   Magazine Subscriptions- obviously for the older kids- but buy a copy to put in the present- I know some science crazy boys who would love a kids science subscription and some fairy crazy girls who would love a little girl magazine
47.   A snow globe- seriously they are cool- mainly for older kids.. great collection item- buy a new one every year
48.   A Jolly Jumper- head to the toys r us website if you don’t know what one is, and from experience it DOES matter which one you get AND there are plenty that sell second hand

49.   A shopping trolley and some money- great for prewalkers- but great for preschoolers- set up shop in your own home
50.   Hula Hoops!!!  

So there you go- sure there are heaps more- and a whole world of fandangled electronic whizzbangy things I havent even mentioned but this could get you started

Happy Christmas thoughts

                                                  xxxxx Ngaire