Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Geckos Family Entertainment Centre- Browns Plains

Geckos Family Entertainment Centre at Browns Plains is an activity hub like no other. We thought it best to review it on our blog so that you can truly understand all they have to offer.

  • 3 Storey Themed play structure
  • A play structure that encourages parent participation
  • A toddler area with Slide

  • A lasertronics play area
  • Use strategy to weave around the laser beams
  • Played in a fully themed area with fog and music

  • Balltronics
  • Similar to lasertronics but you need to avoid the foam balls that come rocketing out from various directions

  • Lasertag Area
  • Chase and be chased with laser guns

  • Black light Mini Golf
  • 2 nine hole themed mini golf courses- black lit for mood

Entry prices include access to the play structure, and you can buy a games card to try out all the other cool games on offer. They also offer a ‘shop and drop’ service where, for a fee you can drop off your kids for up to 2hrs (need to be toilet trained) and have them babysat by a blue carded staff member.  They also have really affordable party packages- no mess, no fuss and heaps of fun.

So – that’s the logistics and you can see why we decided to review it in addition to advertising them on our website brisbane kids- but instead of giving you our opinion we thought we would relay the review of one very happy customer

Wow what a morning we have just had.  I just wanted to congratulate you on
this wonderful play center.   My children had soooo much fun and are asking
when we can go back.   Your center has the most amazing set up, there is
something there for everyone.   And to top off a great play area you have
the most caring staff I have come across.  My son hurt himself quite badly
and we were looked after so well and he felt so at ease with the lady that
came to give him first aid.   I will be recommending you to all my friends
as well as posting on Facebook about our wonderful time.    This is the best
presented, cleanest, best value for money and friendliest child focused
center I have ever come across.    I can't wait to book my sons 4th Birthday
party there.
Congratulations on a fantastic business.
Kind Regards
So there you go, dont take our word for it- go along and check it out- let them know we sent you- BrisbaneKids.


Craig said...

awesome! (Ben 2.5yrs)

K M J's Mumma said...


Meaghan said...


Janelle584 said...


Cherylee said...

Totally appalled by this place.
Do not recommend for a party or even a visit if the day is hot. It is like walking into a sauna and their parties are a total rip off.
12 kids and their parents will not be back and will travel further afield for a more enjoyable experience.

Anonymous said...

We are very disappointed that we ordered a birthday party in Geckos.
We were promised a host, some games and music for children. It didn’t happen. Only some food was provided. The host-girl was sharing her time between 2 rooms and didn’t give proper attention to our party. General public was awful there. One mum sent her 2-yrs old daughter to pick up food from birthday rooms. When we complained the staff did nothing to stop this outrageous behaviour. We had to do it be ourselves as a result we were abused by that filthy mother. She didn’t apologise and continue eating our food brought to her by her daughter.
We will never go there again.

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