Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rumbletums Organic Baby and Toddler Food in Brisbane

Rumbletums Organic Baby & Toddler Food


Scrumptious organic baby food- in Brisbane- hard to believe!! Well it is true.. and we have personally sampled their food and give it 2 big thumbs up, for taste, packaging and goodness.
Cooked by hand, from scratch, using only the best, freshest organic ingredients, then snap frozen. With a 12 month shelf life – freeze until you need! Some examples of their meals include Organic Moroccan lamb and quinoa, Organic beef and potato as well as straight purees for the younger babies of the world. In addition they offer snack foods like yoghurt covered sultanas, organic dried banana and they even offer a base sauce- their famous Hush Hush tomato sauce. Mix the sauce with pastas, rice, or use it to form a base of a meal- it is delicious!!
It is simply about convenience without any sacrifice on quality. For many two parent working families this is the solution you may have been searching for. For stay at home mums, this could be the sanity you are after- a night off. They deliver to your door and also feature at many markets throughout Brisbane, including this weekends Mummy tree Markets at Morningside on Sunday. 



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