Friday, December 10, 2010

The Coolest Dollhouses, for boys.. and girls

My to be 4 year old son loves role play and all things pretend. We were at a friends place the other day and he had a great time playing with his dinosaurs on a girls dollhouse. Granted it mostly consisted of dinosaurs throwing each other down the stairs, but there was also some great relationship building between the dinosaurs. So that’s when I decided I would like to get a dollhouse.
(Now I know, sexist smshmexist blah blah blah.. but truly my boy would prefer a castle to a barbie house- right or wrong- please dont judge me)
MY husband initially freaked, but being a builder, I responded with a suggestion he could build an elaborate castle. Needless to say, after not much interest  in that direction- I began the hunt. This blog is about what I found.
To ensure balance I have also included a couple of cool girly ones. Can I just say.. they aren’t cheap, and I for one am not necessarily into expensive presents- BUT this could be something a whole family could go in on, like a trampoline. (Mmmm trampoline or dollhouse.. not a qn to ask my husband)
So this is the first one I came across- You can find this at Bubba Bling- and its made by Kid Kraft (as are a lot of the coolest toys)

Totally Boy Friendly

Then we have the farm themes- You can find them at Metro Mum. Farms appeal because obviously there a lot of animal obsessed boys out there, and this is a way to extend on their play.

This one made by Maxim
Then we have these scandanavian designed treehouses which are just CRAZY amazing

This one from Metro Mum- made by Plan Toys

There are also kits you can get- on ebay (where I found this one) but you can them from all sorts of places-
There are also guides online about how to build and choose the perfect dollhouse- One example of this is a blog that goes through step by step about how to select the size, the type - step by step- here is one of their end results-

And the pretty picture perfect dollhouses (if I have a girl someday- I am so getting one)

You can get this one at Urban Harmony Coorparoo

Then- and this is awesome- the (if I won lotto sort of house)

You can get this one from Thinking Toys at Samford
And finally - and maybe the best - The Rocket. It comes with a working elevator, space vehicles, aliens, glow in the dark moon bits AWESOME!!!

This is another KidKraft creation- found this one on ebay -awesome :)

There is a whole crazy world out there of dollhouses and the crazy accessories that come with them.
My advice is if you want a dollhouse- google- cool boys/ or cool girls dollhouses and search under images only- it saves you a lot of time and shows you the best. Also check Ebay because there are heaps available on their as well.
Finally.. dont be afraid of buying a boy a dollhouse- they open up so many opportunities for relationship role plays, talking about feelings and throwing dinosaurs down the stairs.

Have a great school holiday beginning


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