Monday, September 27, 2010

The Abbey Museum- Brisbane

Site of the Week • The Abbey Museum

Of Art and Archaeology 

Treat your kids to a rare opportunity but also educational experience at the Abbey Museum...
Made famous by their hugely popular Annual Medieval Festival, The Abbey Museum still remain relatively unknown by many Brisbane parents. It is a museum of art and antiques featuring displays from Western Europe, Egyptian, Chinese, Japanese and other places in history. The museum also has a variety of holiday programs and a weekly Toddler Art program on a Tuesday which is featured on our Calendar.  
It is situated on the way to Bribie Island, so needless to say it could form part of a road trip to the beach. For further information head to their Website you will also find them by turning off Bribie Island Rd into Old Toorbul Point Rd. There is a small cost involved so head to their website first.


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