Monday, March 28, 2011

Two Little Boys- Inspiring Notebooks

Two Little Boys

This weeks Star of the Week was chosen because we were looking for something that would inspire a Brisbane Kid to be the best they could. We wanted them to feel like they could achieve anything, that their future is bright and limitless. Thats when we came across these journals and here are a couple of examples. You can find them at

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Balloon Balls

Balloon Balls

This weeks star of the week has been chosen because it is ideal as a gift or simply a great addition to your own toy collection. Balloon Balls are designed to house a standard sized balloon creating a soft ball that offers hours of fun. It also assists with early motor skill development, later ball handlings skills and even with a baby’s early hand eye coordination. Offering boys and girls balls, baby balls and even footballs, there really is a balloon ball for all types of kids. I like them because my kids can play with them in the house without fear of breakages, and if the balloon happens to burst, a new balloon is waiting to take its place. 

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Poss and Wom- Unique Australian Designs

Poss and Wom

The Star of the Week for this week is the delightful creations that are
Poss & Wom. Truly Australian, unique and stylish- handmade, one of a kind stationery and nursery art. This art is quite humbling in its ability to capture the essence of the Australian culture in a contemporary and enchanting way. We are in love with Poss and Wom!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Crayon Rocks

Crayon Rocks

The Star of the Week for this week is from

(so much cool stuff at this store) but we fell in love with their Crayon

Rocks- 16 colours- all natural mineral powders- designed to strengthen

tiny muscles- large wide and thin strokes <blissful creating for little


Friday, March 4, 2011

The Ultimate Wish List for Fairy Loving Girls and Mums

If I had a little girl I imagine that she would have love of all things fairy. This is a wish list for her.
  • Enchanted Walls- I would imagine her room would be filled with different fairy things like these wall decals from Anima Causa 
  • Her walls would have a fairy door so ofcourse the fairy's could enter at will. I love the idea of putting them on trees as well, see these creations from My Little Fairy Door.

  • We would create a fairy garden and it would have amongst other things a fairy circle of mushrooms like these I found at Flights of Fancy

  • I would get her the "50 Fairy things to make and Do" which is a wonderful activity book with cards that inspire fairy type creations. I would also stock Enid Blytons The Enchanted Wood, The Magic Faraway Tree, Lady Coddingtons Pressed Flower Book and All things Tinkerbell.

  • I would convince my husband or maybe my mother in law that she would need a pair of fairy shoes.. (I cant put pics of this up- but check out these custom fairy shoes from Zazzle)
  • She could have tea with the fairies with these lovely tiny tea sets from Enchanted Gifts

  • And check out this slection of lovely fairy figurines from Garden Fairy

  • And have her turned into a fairy with lovely photo alterations from Fairy Me by Tarja
  • Also some lighting like these lovely dragon fly lights from Easy Gift. They also have a range of Angel Fairy lights.

  • Finally what is a fairy without a costume and there is so much to choose from! Whether it is a lovely Tutu like these from Giggles and Tantrums. Or a fairy suit with the works- wands and wings from Fairy Magic at Byron Bay. OR these Alex and Charli Butterfly Winged Singlets

So there you go..well not really I had a continuing list.. and some far our ideas that apart from being costly almost might seem a bit weird. It's a start. For now I will settle with trucks and jungles until that little girl comes along.