Sunday, October 31, 2010

Crazy Lego Creations

The crazy world of lego- For Brisbane Kids and Well Beyond
Lego has come a LONG way from the days of bricks and slabs- even though I still think that’s the best way to start a Lego collection. As my boys get older my Lego interest is growing and this is what I have discovered- There is a whole CRAZY world of lego maniacs- Check this out
1.       You can furnish a real room or a house with lego

Source thru: aplaceforeverything-store
Or perhaps you would prefer a Kitchen Bench

Designers Simon Pillard and Phillippe Rosetti

2.       Serious Lego Art- for Serious Money
By Nathan Sawaya

Andrew Lipson

3. Hilarious Lego Creations

4. Or check out the winner of the 2007  Lego Building Competition

Awesome Lego Imagination

5.       Videos about tons of stuff, acted out by lego men- Here is one on starwars and christmas- pg rated- darth vader gets a bit crazy

Seriously I could have gone on forever, clothing, wii controls, cakes, games basically a whole entire universe of lego men are out there-- STILL my favourites will always be the green slab, a few bricks, a roof, some flowers and some shutters :)-

Have a great week

Ngaire @

(Just note that the blog here written is not endorsed or supported by lego BUT that all the images within do contain the trademarked lego products and all distribution and promotion is only possible through genuine Lego fields. We have done our best to attribute all creative ownership but in know way suggest that the lego itself is anything but the property of lego)

The Mummy Tree Markets- Brisbane Style

The Mummy Tree Markets

  The Mummy Tree Brand (a Facebook Powerhouse) is bringing together the very best that Brisbane has to offer. The location is 5 minutes from the City, its child friendly and its free entry. So what can you expect?

  • The very best of Brisbane’s child-friendly designers
  • Inspired baby and children’s products
  • Stylish wares for the whole family
  • Gourmet Food
  • Free Entertainment for the kids

RIbbons Wands @ Pinwheels and Pearls

Ribbon Wands 

@ Pinwheels and Pearls 

Swirls and Whirls, around and around, giggle and smiles of delight 
Ribbon Wands by Pinwheels and Pearls. Use for dancing, rythmic gymnastics or just for some heart warming fun. Perfect as a stocking filler, party favour or gift.

Watch as your children make beautiful patterns in the world around them. 2 Metre long 25mm Satin ribbon on a natural wooden stick, lots of different colours.

Floats through the air. A gold jingle bell can be added as a special touch- lots of colours               


Monday, October 25, 2010

Strawberry Jam- Kids Floor Cushions

The Utimate Floor Pillow

Yes..we have listed a floor pillow as our STAR of the week! From personal experience we can tell you that there is NOTHING like them. Strawberry Jam Designs have succeeded in created a fabulous option for kids to lounge around, sleep and snuggle. Made from durable fabrics with an endless variety of designs, affordable and very very stylish... not to mention super comfy


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Monday, October 18, 2010

Little Black Fish- Cool Kids Sleeping Bags and More

Little Black Fish

Kids and babies sleeping bags are normally a winter consideration..but given the weather and how adorable these particular sleeping bags are WE couldnt resist.
This exclusive Gold Coast designer stocks a range of sleeping bags and handmakes other clothing- and is so NEW that you will only find her on Facebook. For only $35 you can have one of these crazy, adorable and heart warming sleeping bags- you email her just let her know you found her on

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Missing my Monkey Bum Banana Heads

Brisbanekids has been a bit slack over the last couple of weeks- so this blog is abit of an explanation about that- also to let you all know that in 2 weeks- I will be back on board in entirety with a lot of changes, new content and even a new gold coast website on its way..
Apart from running BrisbaneKids and doing this delightful blog- I am also a student teacher-For the last 2 weeks I have been doing a fulltime teaching practicum at a local primary school. This is a big change for me, as always being a WAHM (work at home mum) and pretty much used to a flexible unstructured life. My kids have never really had a wake up time, and a ‘very general’ go to bed time- I have always been a pretty laid back mum in regards to schedules and pretty much most things. IF my 3 years old wants to sleep in a painting tunnel, I think why not??  If he wants be cranky in the morning.. I think who am I to interrupt his moodiness?

The last 2 weeks have forced a lot of changes in my thinking and habits.
This is what I have learnt.
1.       You actually can change the pooiest nappy in history within .5 seconds of waking up and you don’t necessarily die or vomit everywhere. Surprising.

2.       My 3 year old cannot be bribed by lollies within 10 minutes of waking up.. bad I know..but worse that it didn’t work.

3.       It is actually easier to look after other people kids than my own.. which does worry me.. are mine that bad?? Hehe…. I will reflect when my prac is over.

4.       I can go to work without makeup (totally forgot!!!)- which, honestly surprises me after 10 years in corporate sales and marketing where I thought it really was essential clothing.

5.       Mother guilt is heart wrenching.. “mummy why aren’t boys for mummys and daddys anymore?- boys are only for nannas”….through to “Why don’t I get to stay home with you like other boys- I will be good I promise”  Yes I cried a little..

6.       That the guilt is almost but not quite balanced by the absolute look of joy on their faces when you see each other after 9 hours apart.. It is like an airport reunion everyday- love it!

7.        It is a myth that working fulltime means your house DOESN’T get messy- mine is DISGUSTING after 2 weeks!!! And still 2 weeks to go!!!

8.       Nanna’s really are the greatest most undervalued people in the world- we only have one for our boys- and thankgod for her.. and for their pa…

9.       I can actually survive without updating/checking/thinking about facebook for 9 hours.. which honestly I found surprising… maybe I thought I would come home and my brisbanekids page would be hijacked by someone else..

10.   I had no idea I could miss my kids and enjoy being apart from them at the same time. Kudos to all fulltime working mums out there.
So that’s it.. 2 weeks to go in my prac life and then back to my equally crazy life of working from home growing our businesses, changing nappies, making magic and cupcakes all at the same time. I was going to take a photo of the mess but figured what the authorities don’t know, wont hurt them.. hehe..

One of my monkey bum banana heads

Friday, October 15, 2010

Little Miss Fascinated- Couture

I have been thinking.. that if I had a little girl I would decorate her hair with jewels.  So this is dedicated to her.
I came across Little Miss Fascinated through the Connect2Mums Community after they were nominated for several Ausmumpreneur awards. It was their name that caught my eye- but I saw the reason for their nominations (and 2 awards)> their couture, custom hair fascinators were just stunning!
Hair fascinators became part of history in the 18 century- used by women to adorn their elaborate hairstyles. Fast forward a couple of hundred years and women use fascinators as a fashion statement, a nod to high society and just to feel fabulous!
Little Miss Fascinated is no different, except they cater for little girls who wants to be princesses and look the part too!  They offer hand-made, one of a kind hair pieces to complement any outfit worn by any little girl.
They are truly the ultimate accessory for a flower girl, worn as a performance piece.. or my favourite.. just because they are beautiful!

To win the fascinator shown- be a fan or bananaheadkids, and little miss fascinated on facebook and leave a comment on this blog!!! one random winner will be chosen on the 31st Oct 2010. or find them on the retail therapy page of

Monday, October 11, 2010

Multicultural Kids Products- online- Global Kids Oz

Global Kids Oz

Global Kids Oz is an online retailer and promoter of all things multicultural for kids in Brisbane, Australia and the world. Amazing and unique gifts with the side benefit of educating youngsters about diversity and the value that can be found within the variety of cultures in our society.
From books, to learning tools, toys and instruments there is something for every inquisitive child. They also divide their website into regions so if you have a defined culture, then you can search and easily find something inspiring and relevant for your child.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Draw me a star- Craft for those parents who cant do craft.

So it’s a rainy drizzly week so a drizzly activity to add to the list.
Aside from my work with, I am also completing a Graduate Diploma of Education in Early Childhood- and am doing my prac in a grade one/two mixed age classroom.  As I complete my studies, I look forward to sharing what I can, that might be useful in entertaining, educating or annoying your child (ok forget the last one)
Over a couple of years of buying $2 crafty stuff whenever I go grocery shopping, thru to the collection of egg cartons, heaps of paint and anything remotely crafty looking.. I now have an impressive craft bookshelf (according to my 3yr old who oohs and ahhs at it). 
What you may not know, is for all the enthusiasm I have in the world.. here it is.. I suck at craft..
So it is any wonder that one of my main goals in completing my teaching prac is to become better at craft. So maybe I can help you along the way. This could be a bit of a long journey but along the way I can promise you simple, basic, easy.. you name it.. you can do it CRAFT.  So here goes for activity NO1.

Draw Me A Star- Craft Activity.. 1

Craft Stuff you need
Star Templates this is just a fancy name for two stars about 15 cm high, that you can cut out on card

Crepe Paper in a multitude of colours> costs about $1.50 a colour- BUT you only use about 1/20th of each packet.. so it really is ultra cheap.. you could get away with using one or two colours

Glue School Glue is fine or pvc.. either way the cost is tiny- a couple of dollars- and u will reuse it heaps.
Eric Carles, Draw me a Star- this is not absolutely necessary BUT this is a book written by the guy that wrote the hungry caterpillar and he is a genius in illustration and writing- so well worth the investment.
Some Ribbon- any old the ribbon- or you could use string or cotton.
How to
1.       Read- Draw me a star- it is a great excuse to read it.. and aside from this, for older children you can show them some real links to illustration and real craft
2.       If you want to go to his site- Eric Carle has videos that show you HOW he illustrates. GOLD. 
3.       Ok- so cut out the star – depending on the age of the child is whether you do it for them, or let them give it a go.
4.       Shred the crepe paper, into tiny pieces (half the size of a stamp)- for older kids getting them to shred the paper from strips is a great motor development task.
5.       Pretty simple- collage the crepe paper on one side of each star
6.       Glue stars together (uncollaged side down)
7.       Dry
8.       Hole punch or staple the ribbon and hang-

I know not awesomely pretty - BUT made from the heart by a 3yr old

Beautiful, authentic art- perfect for a homemade xmas decoration..sort of hahahaha

This took us about 45 min and my master 3 (nearly 4) thoroughly enjoyed himself (as did I). I did one half and he did the other but for older kids you could easily get them to do one or more by themselves.
This is pretty simple craft, but therefore achieveable by ANYONE- If you are seeking a master mum at this sort of thing- then you should check out Rhyme time- who offer the most amazing kids activities. I dedicate this activity to them.

Love and Light
x Ngaire 

Monday, October 4, 2010

baby sensory classes Brisbane

 Baby Sensory

Monday, 27th September 2010  

Be delighted and amazed by the discoveries that you will uncover with your baby during baby sensory classes being held at Morningside.
Designed for babies from birth-13 months this world reknown program will develop early communication skills through song and rhyme. The activities will stimulate their little senses and provoke an awareness of the world and a love of music.

Its a unique experience and a little difficult to we encourage you to head to their free taster this Thursday the 30th September or take advantage of their free class with every program booked.
Head to their website for details now and to confirm your place at the taster this week. 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to build a kid a castle

Rainy Idea No 4506
This blog is about the realistic and not so realistic ways to make forts, cubbies and caves. Many a rainy day weekend of cabin fever has been solved odd little ritual of building a house within a house

Indoor Cubby House Ideas
·         Blankets over the furniture- probably the easiest no fuss way of creating a den like atmosphere- couple this with a picnic they can eat in their cave.. and your kids will think they are in heaven- here is a really lame example for inspiration- if u cant do better that this.. can

·         Painters' tunnels- they are cheap to buy- and as you can see from the photo more than adequate for sleeping or lounging around

·         Teepees- Yes! Cowboys and Indians, backyard campouts- you can make your own or buy one- like this one from Australian Retailer Milkbottles

·         A cheap indoor tent- these are perfect because most of them are quite mobile
·         Blankets over the pool table- why is this different than the first? Well if you are like most families who have a pool table and never ever play- then this could be quite a permanent
arrangement, and therefore become more elaborate as time passes.

Outdoor Treehouses and Cubbies

Okay this is where we live some realism behind…. Well not all the time- but clearly some of these just aren’t happening in a 600sqm block or left- BUT worth knowing about nonetheless

  • The traditional mini house- all good- BUT they do attract snakes so you need to be careful that they are water tight. These are great because everything inside can stay safe. You can buy these EVERYWHERE
  • Bunnings have a treehouse building guide that explains everything. Or to build one out of recycled material there is a utube video that explain how to build a tree house out of trash..
  • Treehouses.. okay the realistic ones, a plank in a tree (see a pic here), climbing net to the platform.. not bad really.. THEN there are these

Honestly I could go on and on with the coolest pics ever- For more head to the facebook page called treehouses for EVEN cooler treehouses.

We think every child should have access to come sort of cubby.. but thats just a personal opinion.. We would love to see your cubby houses and tree houses- go to our facebook page an upload them!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

BrisbaneKids What's Happening!
(This will eventually be a newsletter but for now we will blog it so you don’t miss out on anything coming up in Brisbane)
What a week for this week. Here are some highlights.
·         We launched this blog!
·         We became judges of The Face of Little Images. (Finally a photo comp that isn’t a friends popularity contest- we cant wait to see the cute little bubs and pick a fave)
·         We welcomed new advertisers, Baby Sensory and Hire for Baby
·         We changed our categories to make it way easier (if that’s possible) to navigate.
  • We  also added a retail therapy page so we finally have a way to show off all the brilliant WAHM products
So what’s on in the next week—There is lots and lots happening around Brisbane for Kids!
·         Heaps on around at PCYC- Kindy Dance at the PCYC Mt Gravatt on Wednesday, a kindy program every day at Zillmere PCYC- So you need to be a member at most $40ish a year. However, its more than just these programs you will access to- They offer heaps and heaps of different programs- we DO NOT list them all because it would take longer than the time we have- We suggest u go to the PCYC online- find your nearest branch and see what they have on offer
·         Model Boat Running at Boondall on Tuesday & Saturday and Logan on Wednesday
·         The Art program for toddlers at Caboolture
·         Wynnum Manly Festival running for 3 days starting Friday
·         Arana Hills Ausfest festival on Saturday
·         Kalinga Park Celebration Saturday at Clayfield
·         State Library workshop for kids- Sat – need to book!
·         Kite Festival- Cannon Hill- Sunday
·         Italian Festival- Sunday

Head to our calendar at

So there you go- --- and we have some exciting things happening at Brisbane kids- new businesses joining us, a giveway- I don’t want to say too much.. Have a great week

Love and Light x
Ngaire and the entire Brisbane kids team