Saturday, February 12, 2011

Health and Fitness Myths for Mums and Dads

8 Health and Fitness Myths BUSTED!

1. Sit ups or crunches WON’T get rid of your belly flat.
There is no such thing as targeting specific areas for fat loss. The only thing you’ll do is potentially build strength in the areas you’re working

2. Low fat doesn’t always mean better for you.
Make sure you check the sugar content on the nutrition label as often the fat taken out is replaced by SUGAR. Try to stick under 15g/100g of sugar.

3. The fat burning program on the treadmill WON’T help you lose more weight.

Don’t be seduced. The lower intensity (heart rate) might mean you burn more fat but overall you burn far less calories than if you worked harder for the same time. Since we’re about burning more calories than you consume, it makes sense to work a little harder.

4. Eating less isn’t always best for weight loss
Our bodies need fuel to function and be their best, but cutting out essential nutrients can put your body into ‘starvation mode’. As soon as you eat any extra calories your body holds onto them tight, stalling your weight loss!

5. Pain doesn’t equal gain.
I’m not talking the “good pain” from exercise but when your physically hurt or injured chances are you’re overdoing it. Get some rest or try some gentle alternatives until you’re feeling right again.

6. Eat every 2.5- 3 hours
Smaller meals, more regularly helps keep your blood sugar
and energy levels nice and stable (and you’re less likely to binge too).

7. Ladies, weight training WON’T make you bulk up.
Generally, women don’t have enough testosterone to get big bulky muscles. On the up, weight training strengthens our bones and helps our body burn more calories at rest!

8. You can regain your body after having kids (but it does take work!)
While our time may be more pressed, with a little forward thinking and planning we all have the ability to regain (most, if not a lot of) our pre pregnancy body. By all means accept that there will be some changes, but with some sensible eating and regular exercise, you can make it happen. Make some time for YOU!

Katie Hoenig is a Women’s Fitness Specialist with an interest in helping Mums get their spark back after kids.

To find out more, check out THRIVE! Fitness on facebook, 0401178616 or for info.


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