Friday, March 4, 2011

The Ultimate Wish List for Fairy Loving Girls and Mums

If I had a little girl I imagine that she would have love of all things fairy. This is a wish list for her.
  • Enchanted Walls- I would imagine her room would be filled with different fairy things like these wall decals from Anima Causa 
  • Her walls would have a fairy door so ofcourse the fairy's could enter at will. I love the idea of putting them on trees as well, see these creations from My Little Fairy Door.

  • We would create a fairy garden and it would have amongst other things a fairy circle of mushrooms like these I found at Flights of Fancy

  • I would get her the "50 Fairy things to make and Do" which is a wonderful activity book with cards that inspire fairy type creations. I would also stock Enid Blytons The Enchanted Wood, The Magic Faraway Tree, Lady Coddingtons Pressed Flower Book and All things Tinkerbell.

  • I would convince my husband or maybe my mother in law that she would need a pair of fairy shoes.. (I cant put pics of this up- but check out these custom fairy shoes from Zazzle)
  • She could have tea with the fairies with these lovely tiny tea sets from Enchanted Gifts

  • And check out this slection of lovely fairy figurines from Garden Fairy

  • And have her turned into a fairy with lovely photo alterations from Fairy Me by Tarja
  • Also some lighting like these lovely dragon fly lights from Easy Gift. They also have a range of Angel Fairy lights.

  • Finally what is a fairy without a costume and there is so much to choose from! Whether it is a lovely Tutu like these from Giggles and Tantrums. Or a fairy suit with the works- wands and wings from Fairy Magic at Byron Bay. OR these Alex and Charli Butterfly Winged Singlets

So there you go..well not really I had a continuing list.. and some far our ideas that apart from being costly almost might seem a bit weird. It's a start. For now I will settle with trucks and jungles until that little girl comes along.



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