Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tom's First Haircut- By a Moose (The Magic Moose)

So- Yes.. I am one of those mums whose boys gets regularly confused for being girls, because of their lovely long hair, not to mention the beautiful Amber teething beads that protect them from teething pain.

Their haircuts to date have consisted of one "Aunty cut" on my eldest and then my meagre attempts to cut with old kitchen scissors on the deck of our house..

My little 19mth old Tom was becoming at risk of being unable to see through his golden fringe.. I decided that it was time for a first haircut-

So, Tom and I paid a visit to the Moose.

The Magic Moose is a Kids Hairdresser at Mango Hill- They also do some dad haircuts- but their main business is kids.. I like that.. It means they welcome the chaos..I am also aware their success rate is over 95% (that is success of completing a haircut) which gave me a lot of encouragement. Let me tell you why The Magic Moose is made for Kids.

  • The whole thing is run by a Moose..funny.. but there is actually a moose costume around there somewhere...
  • They have a fully functional, stocked train table.
  • They have a huge plasma within the area with the train table.
  • Every single chair has its own little plasma with a choice of a couple of different kids movies
  • They have staff that understand kids don't enjoy haircuts and they are OK with it.. I like that.
  • Their staff are happy, smiling and encouraging.
  • There is a lollypop waiting for when the job is done
  • AND- for first haircuts they have a fabulous certificate for a big effort with a momento of hair for further memories!
I was super impressed- the price for my little monkeys first haircut? $13- check their website because the prices alter slightly depending on when and what age..

So because we love the Moose so much and because they heart us- They have offered us the following deal- FOR THE MONTH OF APRIL 2011- Mention BrisbaneKids (thats right- you gotta say our name)- They will give a Cut N Cookie for $13!!- Thats right.. a haircut.. and a lovely cookie fresh from the bakery next door for $13! This is for a pre-school cut only- before 3pm Monday- Friday-

So if you.. like me.. have been waiting.. and your trendy boy hair is getting a bit too long OR it is simply time for a haircut- then I recommend you give The Magic Moose at Mango Hill a go.


Anonymous said...

I had my daughter's first haircut there a few weeks ago after seeing it on the brisbane kids site - It was brilliant, she loved it, no tears or tantrums (but did voice her complaints at having to leave the train set and toys at the end)

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