Sunday, October 3, 2010

How to build a kid a castle

Rainy Idea No 4506
This blog is about the realistic and not so realistic ways to make forts, cubbies and caves. Many a rainy day weekend of cabin fever has been solved odd little ritual of building a house within a house

Indoor Cubby House Ideas
·         Blankets over the furniture- probably the easiest no fuss way of creating a den like atmosphere- couple this with a picnic they can eat in their cave.. and your kids will think they are in heaven- here is a really lame example for inspiration- if u cant do better that this.. can

·         Painters' tunnels- they are cheap to buy- and as you can see from the photo more than adequate for sleeping or lounging around

·         Teepees- Yes! Cowboys and Indians, backyard campouts- you can make your own or buy one- like this one from Australian Retailer Milkbottles

·         A cheap indoor tent- these are perfect because most of them are quite mobile
·         Blankets over the pool table- why is this different than the first? Well if you are like most families who have a pool table and never ever play- then this could be quite a permanent
arrangement, and therefore become more elaborate as time passes.

Outdoor Treehouses and Cubbies

Okay this is where we live some realism behind…. Well not all the time- but clearly some of these just aren’t happening in a 600sqm block or left- BUT worth knowing about nonetheless

  • The traditional mini house- all good- BUT they do attract snakes so you need to be careful that they are water tight. These are great because everything inside can stay safe. You can buy these EVERYWHERE
  • Bunnings have a treehouse building guide that explains everything. Or to build one out of recycled material there is a utube video that explain how to build a tree house out of trash..
  • Treehouses.. okay the realistic ones, a plank in a tree (see a pic here), climbing net to the platform.. not bad really.. THEN there are these

Honestly I could go on and on with the coolest pics ever- For more head to the facebook page called treehouses for EVEN cooler treehouses.

We think every child should have access to come sort of cubby.. but thats just a personal opinion.. We would love to see your cubby houses and tree houses- go to our facebook page an upload them!


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